I'm Wireless!

Hi everyone,

I haven't been perusing lately, primarily because our computer chair is too uncomfortable and too difficult to get out of. So, I solved that problem by buying a Dell 10.1" Netbook from QVC. It was the Today's Special Value so it was a good price, it was on Easy Pay, so I jumped at it. And it's wireless! That means I can sit on a more comfortable chair, and Cindy and I can be online at the same time. Oh, asta77 - it's a beautiful metallic blue :)
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A Mattress Conumdrum

Hello Friends,

Hope you are all doing well. I am hanging in there, though my hip is not being very cooperative. Bad hip!

Actually it kind of ties into my post title. Last year, I sold my queen sized, too high bed and bought a twin platform bed. The bed itself is working out well. The mattress, well, that's another story. I thought I'd be up to date by getting one of those foam mattresses ( I had to be careful to not get one that was too deep, due to my mobility issues). It is, in a word, crap. It isn't at all comfortable, and it's hot as hell. Needless to say, I'm in the market for a new mattress.

My question to you all is: What kind of mattress do you have, and are you happy with it? Opinions will be greatly appreciated and perused.
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To my friends in the the upper midwest

Please take care! While there is a certain pride in persevering through this very snowy, cold winter, I have to admit I'd rather it be less snowy and less cold. It just serves to keep me inside and a little stir crazy. I hope this stretch is a very short one, so that those of you that have to go out in this mess can do so in a more comfortable manner.

Well here I am, making my quarterly report ;) After a period of not feeling that great (thanks, snowy and cold winter!), this week I feel a bit better. Of course, I have to watch myself not to overdo it or I'll have a relapse. Since I do have the time, I space my chores out so that I can rest in between. Thanks to some lovely Christmas presents I have plenty to read and watch :) We did manage to see the Dancing With The Stars tour this past weekend, which was wonderful. Maks in person :) Since the arena was way north of us we got a hotel room nearby to stay overnight - good thing, since the weather was awful.

Hope you all are doing okay too. For those in the cold and snow, stay warm, and drive carefully! For those who are in warm weather, I hate you ;)
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Here I am, the missing link

How are you all doing? Hope the summer is treating you all well. It's hot and humid in Chicago, with rain possibly heading in tonight. I'm doing okay, just not much of note happens here, hence my sketchy posting habits :) The Cubs are holding their own in the National League Central, here's hoping it continues!

However, I did find something kind of fun to share with you all:


Take care, especially asta77!
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Thank You, sweet_ali!!

For the Virtual Candy gift! You're as sweet as your lj name :) I admit a fondness for the chalky heart candies - call it nostalgia, but I remember them fondly from grammar school ;)